Packages Pricing
*Pricing includes digital copies and printing rights to all images captured both original and those that are edited. **Multi Generational family sessions will include extra digital copies for each sub family as well as printing rights. ***Senior Photo sessions will include digital copies, printing rights and a disc for the school containing one image chosen for the yearbook.  Please be sure to bring your students image requirements *NEW* Purchase your prints directly from Lifescapes Photography!!  Please ask an associate for options.
$1150 $1850 $150
Milestones (Ages 0-16 years)                                              Family: Single                                                                           Multi-Family or Generational                                      Pregnancy                                                                          Senior: Mini Session (3 poses including yearbook)                 Full Session (Studio, Yearbook and Outdoor)           Wedding: Maximum 6 hours, 2 photographers 10am-9pm, 2 photographers Engagement